I have always loved writing. Problem is, I don't do it that often. Years ago I used to make reports of the trips I made to the battlefields, but after a while I somehow stopped doing that.

Now I have added this new part on my website. This way I can start writing an article when it fits me, about an event, a battle, a personal story or something else regarding history.

I try to use as much sources as possible to make sure that what I write is historically correct, but please don't shoot me if there slip any errors in it. I would really appreciate it if you would point out the errors to me so I can adjust them.

I don't set a timetable about how often I need to add an article. I write when I want to and don't put any pressure on myself. This way I hope I don't end up with articles that are not complete or have too many errors in it.

I hope you all enjoy them and maybe even learn something!