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Polygon Wood centenary commemoration

World War 2 trips 2013
Normandy ~ June 1

After a quiet night and a lovely breakfast I drive to Montormel where I visit the Musée Memorial de Montormel.

This museum is located on Hill 262 and tells the story about the Falaise Pocket. It's not a big museum, but it is very interesting and well explained and gives a clear view on the movements of the German and the Allied troops. On top of the hill you have a great view over the area too. I can really recommend this small but nice museum for a visit.

I take a little field road to visit the church of Coudehard where you also have a beautiful view over the region.

On the road to my next visit, I have a quick stop in Saint-Lambert-sur-Dive where a little commemoration place has been constructed where you have a good view on the area and the events during the Falaise Pocket, and I also stop in Trun where a monument was erected for the victims of both wars.

After having a sober lunch at McDonalds (only for the free wifi off course) I continue to Ouistreham where I visit the Musée du Débarquement n°4 Commando. This is a small but beautiful museum where you find a lot of information on the French-British commandos that landed on Sword Beach on June 6, 1944.

A bit further down the road you can find the Kieffer Commando's monument on the beach, with some commemoration stones with names of deceased French commando's who came to disarm the Ouistreham batteries next to it.

While driving to the Hillman bunker in Colleville-Montgomery, I quickly stop at field Marshall Bernard Montgomery's statue.

The Hillman complex has a length of about 600 metres and the 736th Grenadiers Regiments HQ was located here with colonel Krug at the head of it. There's a possibility to visit the bunkers with a guide today so I join a small group but only get explanations in French which I sometimes have difficulties understanding, but luckily the biggest part is understood. After two attacks the First Suffolk Regiment was able to take the complex.

A bit further a small monument was erected for The Royal Norfolk Regiment who were being shot at by the Germans and of whom many died next tot he complex.

I drive straight to Saint-Marcouf now where our rental house is located. After some small problems I finally can enter the place thanks to a friendly woman who takes care of the house. Afterwards I rush to Carentan to do some shopping.

When I finish my fish soup (yes, we’re back in Normandy) and diner, I drive to Utah Beach to shoot some pictures at La Madeleine, the Dick Winters monument and the Brécourt location