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Edward R. Morris
232nd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Company

November 30 , 2013
Due to my big interest in the history of both World Wars, and to honor those who died for our freedom, I requested another adoption grave at the Henri-Chapelle cemetery in Belgium. This is my second adoption grave in Henri-Chapelle:

Edward R. Morris
Private, U.S. Army
Service # 35292391
232nd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Company
Entered service from: West Virginia on March 29, 1942

232nd Ordnance Bomb Disposal Company

Private 1st Class

Born: 1913
Hometown: Wetzel County, West Virginia

Died: March 17, 1945 in Germany
Status: killed in action (KIA)

Buried in: Plot H, row 5, grave 65, Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, Belgium
Awards: Purple Heart

Married to: Thelma Morris
Children: Delores Rose Cain (stepdaughter)
Father: James L. Morris
Mother: Susan Morris
Brothers: James R.L. Morris, Jonathan Morris
Sisters: Gussie M. Morris, Elvy R. Morris, Dorothy A. Morris

More info
The family lived in a farmhouse in Long Drain West Virginia (Wetzel County) after the mother died. The youngest, Dorothy, quit school and took care of the family.
Edward was a small man and married a tall woman, most likely Thelma Cain Morris, though no official documents exist about this marriage.
Edward Morris was an automobile serviceman before he enlisted on March 29, 1942 at Fort Hayes Columbus, Ohio.
Pfc Leo E. Gonshor, Cpl. Harold L. Pinkham, Pfc Robert E. Inman and Pvt Edward R. Morris were with General Patton's Third Army and killed on March 17, 1945.


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