17.07.2018 - Two new adoption graves

Dear friends

Some of you might have heard about the CWRM-project with the little statues made out of clay that remember all victims on Belgian soil during the First World War.

I participated in this project in 2015 when I visited the domain of Bokrijk where I made a clay statue myself and became godfather of one of the 600.000 names. That same week I did another online request for a second name.

The last few weeks I received the two names of my new adoption soldiers. Unlike all my other adoption grave soldiers, these are not American or British, but both are German soldiers. These are my first two adoption graves of 'enemy soldiers'. These people are victims of their leaders that started a war for power and money too. I will do all I can to retrace their story and commemorate them at their grave.

The soldiers are Willy Klaussner from the I. Bataillon, 106. Infanterie-Regiment and Paul Klemmt from the III. Bataillon, 242. Reserve-Infanterie-Regiment.

Best regards from Belgium