15.12.2017 - My search for relatives of Edwin Fritz (part 2)

Dear friends

Today I received a newspaper article from the Ogemaw County Herald, a newspaper from Ogemaw County in Michigan.

One of their reporters, Scott Nunn, asked my for more information about my search for relatives of Edwin Fritz, and about my grave adoption to write an article about it. I was very happy and honoured that he was willing to do this so I provided him with as much information as possible.

The article was published on November 30 and was also put on the website of the newspaper: click.

I want to thank Scott Nunn and the Ogemaw County Herald for publishing this article concerning my search for relatives.

So far I received an e-mail of a 2nd cousin of Edwin Fritz and I'm waiting for an e-mail of another relative.

I also want to thank Greg De Matio for sending me the article by mail, along with the story of his father who landed in Normandy on D-Day.

I would like to wish you all happy Christmas holidays!


25.11.2017 - My search for relatives of Edwin Fritz (part 1)

Dear friends

The past few days I have restarted my search for relatives of Edwin Fritz, one of my adoption grave soldiers.

During that search I accidentally found a link to the Ogemaw County Voice website where I found an article about my search for relatives. This was a huge surprise for me.

I immediately sent these people a big thank you for sharing my story about my search, despite the article being online since May and no relatives answered yet.

You can read the article by clicking the picture below: