Jozef Beckers

November 10, 2019
During my research about the Belgian soldiers that died during tha Battle of the Silver Helmets in Halen, I found a link where you can claim to be the sponsor of a grave of a Belgian repatriated soldier of the Great Ware. I immediately dropped my eye on one of two soldiers buried at the communal cemetery of my hometown Diest. I requested to be the sponsor of the grave of private Jozef Beckers from Diest. This is his story.

Before the war

Jozef was born on December 23, 1887 in Diest in the province of Brabant (now Flemish-Brabant) in Belgium. His parents were François Louis and Constantina Fabes.

Flemish-Brabant, Belgium

Diest, Flemish-Brabant

Before Jozef went to war, he worked as a mailman.

In the army

Jozef entered service on August 4, 1914, the day the Germans invaded Belgium.

He got injured during battle in Nieuwpoort on March 18, 1918. He was taken to the Hotel L'Océan in De Panne which served as a hospital. He died of his wounds here one day later.

Hotel L'Océan, De Panne, Belgium

Death of Jozef Beckers

Jozef Beckers died of wounds on March 19, 1918 in the field hospital L'Océan in De Panne in Belgium. Jozef Beckers suffered from grenade splinters in his chest.

Belgian Military Cemetery De Panne, Belgium

Communal cemetery Diest, Belgium

3rd Regiment Carabiniers

3rd Regiment Carabiniers

10th Company


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Personal information

Private, Belgian Army
Service # 133/1523
3rd Regiment Carabiniers, 10th Company
Entered service in: Diest on August 4, 1914

Born: December 23, 1887 in Diest, Flemish-Brabant
Hometown: Diest, Flemish-Brabant

Died: March 19, 1918 in De Panne
Status: died of wounds (DOW)

Buried: Communal cemetery Diest, Flemish-Brabant, Belgium
Awards: /

Wife: ?
François Louis (?-?)
Mother: Constantina Fabes (?-?)
Brother(s): ?
Sister(s): ?

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